Monday, September 12, 2011

How to make a simple fondant figure {Tutorial}

Over the last year or so, I have had the pleasure of being able to make more and more fondant figures, either for practice or for specific birthday cakes and so on.  And since another tutorial is looong overdue, I thought I would share with you a simple way of making a fondant figure.  The basic steps are the same for any figure, just let your imagination run and put in your personal details to get what you want.  :)

1.  Roll a sausage shape for the legs and bend into U-shape.

2.  Roll a cone (slightly flattened) for the body and two sausage shapes for the arms.

3.  Stick the body and arms on top of legs.  Insert a toothpick (or dry spaghetti) through body to hold head.

4.  Roll a ball for the head, poke eyes using a toothpick.  Use a round piping nozzle or tip for the smile.  Roll small balls for nose and ears.  For the hands, flatten a tear drop and cut a V-shape to separate fingers from thumb.

5.  Put it all together and add some hair.  You can make individual sausages for the hair or a round flat disc and run a knife or scissors through the disc to make it look like hair.  Add ovals for the shoes.  And voila...

Get as creative as you want and enjoy making your fondant figures.  There are also so many videos online nowadays that give you tons of ideas on how to make different characters.  See how to make a mummy-to-be on Laura's video page.  She's amazing!  (Thanks for sharing Laura!) :) 

It also helps me when I look at photos of characters I want to make to get a more accurate costume.  Like for my cricketeer...

Most importantly, have lots of fun!

Happy decorating! :)