Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time for tea!

I love teapots!  I collect mini ones and so does a good friend of mine.  So when her birthday came around this year I thought I'd make her the perfect cake - a teapot!  I have been wanting to try out this design for a while now and it made good use of my Wilton ball pan.  (I used the ball pan for the Death Star cake too.)

There were so many designs running through my head but I only finally decided on this one at the last minute.  Covering a spherical cake is no easy task!  So the polka dots helped in covering the slight flaws in the fondant (shhhhh!).  I made the handle and the spout a few days in advance so they would harden and then I 'glued' them on with royal icing.  (A good tip is to support them until they are completely dry and that will hold them up fine.)

All in all, it finally came together and my friend was really pleased and surprised with it so that was good! :) 
Next time, I may match it with a teacup.  How fun would that be?!

Have you made a teapot cake before?  How would you decorate your cake?

Happy decorating!

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