Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Purple ombre cake {Tutorial}

I have been wanting to do an ombre cake for a while now, and when my dear friend's birthday came round, I decided it would be a perfect opprtunity.  I have to say though that it is a LOT of work, most of which comes from making all the frills for the cake and making sure they line up properly.  That was the most time consuming bit for me, but well-worth it in the end.  The cake looked so pretty and frilly and I was really pleased with it.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and did not get a chance to take any good photos of the cake.  So remember, if you are planning to attempt this, give yourself a lot of time!

For those of you keen to try this,
here are a few pictures I managed to take along the way.

To make the frills, simply cut up strips of fondant of varying colours.  Frill the strips along one side with a frilling tool, or you can use a bamboo skewer like I did.  I found the bamboo skewer easier to use actually than my frilling tool.

Attach your frilly strip to your cake with a little water.  Make sure the strip lines up.  If it breaks, like some of mine did, don't worry.  Just keep adding portions of the frilly strips to complete each side.  I did about two strips of each colour and 5 shades of colour altogether.

For the bottom layer, I added an extra strip of the darkest shade, but this time I frilled both sides and folded it up so that it gave some volume to the bottom of the cake.  You can choose to skip this step but I wanted a bit more frill at the bottom.  Add a simple topper or message, and your cake is done.  (I didn't even have time to write a message!)  I added a few ribbon roses to complete the cake.  (Tutorial here.)

The different shades of purple looked so pretty together.  What colour would your ombre cake be? :)

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