Monday, March 14, 2011

Mocha walnut cupcakes

I was reading through one of the cake decoration magazines and came across a recipe for a coffee cake.  Now I don't really drink coffee, I am more a tea person, however, I do love the smell of coffee in cakes so I decided to make some and try them out.  I also added some cocoa powder and walnuts to the cake to make it more to my taste and I loved how it turned out.  The coffee glaze added just the right touch to the cupcakes.  I just have to remember not eat this before bedtime, or I'll be bouncing off the walls! 

Do you like coffee cakes?  


  1. I like the colours! How much coffee did you use?

  2. The mocha tasted fantastic! Heavenly indeed!

  3. @Anonymous - I used 1 tablespoon of coffee for the cupcakes and about a teaspoon for the icing.

    @Brian - thank you! Glad you liked them! :)