Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding tier cookie and ribbon rose {Tutorial}

I bought some cookie cutters recently and one of them was this multi-tier cake cutter.  I thought it would be perfect as a wedding cookie - but boy, did it take a lot of work just to decorate one so here is my one and only cookie.  Next time, when I have a little more time and patience, I will come up with some other designs.  Another excuse to bake! :)

The blue flowers were made with the smallest flower cutter I had.  I topped the centres of the flowers with some small silver cachous.  The pleats for the fondant were a pain to make so I think I have to figure out how to make them a little neater hmmm.  The rose petals falling over the cake were made by flattening small balls of fondant until they were very thin and then scraping them off the mat carefully with a sharp knife.  They end up curling like loose petals when you do that.

The ribbon roses are very easy to make and I remembered to take some photos of the steps.  So here goes, my first tutorial on how to make a simple ribbon rose.

Step 1:
Roll a ball of fondant in the colour you want into a log.  Then flatten the log into a strip.  It doesn't have to be an even width strip, what's more important is that the strip of fondant is as thin as you can roll it without tearing it when you pick it up. 

Start by curling one end of the fondant strip like this:  (I would use my fingers to pick up the strip and curl it but for the sake of trying to take a photo, I had to lay it on the mat.)

Step 2:
As you curl the fondant with your fingers, add some pleats or bigger folds to it to make it look like the rose petals are opening.

Once again, I would actually be holding the fondant strip and curling it with my fingers but it was rather hard doing that whilst taking the photo so here it is on the mat again. 

Step 3:
Keep curling the fondant around, adding more folds and pleats, until you get the size you want.

Step 4:
Once you're happy with the shape of your rose, pinch and twist the bottom part (the stalk) and carefully cut off the extra fondant.  You should have your first ribbon rose.  :)

Voila!  My first tutorial is complete, and so is your ribbon rose.  That wasn't too bad was it?  Hope this was as helpful for you as it was fun for me to do! :)

If you found this tutorial useful, I would appreciate some comments on it.  Thanks!


  1. And I have the distinction of being the first commenter. Congratulations and great job. I stumbled across this site as I searched for the easiest possible way to make 30 ribbon roses for an April wedding. Thanks for the site. I will earmark it and visit again.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Sissy. I am glad you found the tutorial useful. :)